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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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-- and i would like the mta to answer questions in that regard. clerk calvillo: thank you, mr. president. supervisor elsbernd: this would cover our graffiti laws, and in district 11, the number of vehicles attached to some commercial stores have been sitting out in front of their warehouse space, collecting lots and lots of tags come in yet, there is nothing on the books that requires them to clean up their vehicles and to cause blood to accumulate in certain areas. one establishment in particular is a market on the corner of
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main and mission streets, and this legislation, if enacted, would help to assure that we had recourse, that they were improving the conditions around their buildings, especially around the trucks that they use for their business. that is my one item. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor daly? supervisor daly: thank you. about building the bocce ball courts. , i thank them for setting it up. it is with some mixed emotion.
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the recreational activities that we should be thinking about. i appreciate some of my constituent leaders and neighborhood leaders in the area south of the site for bringing up the issue of lack of children's play areas, so, hopefully, and that would hopefully bring some logjam in that community. -- breaks the logjam.
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-- break some logjam. there are issues in the planning code, and this is in my capacity as a supervisor. urging relevance city agencies. in terms of the system of distribution, and in folks of
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the medical cannabis sector, there are dispensaries that have gone through significant processes in order to get in those areas. without the ability of amending the planning code, and to be there to pick this up and carried it ford and deal with what -- carry it forward, what i think is a threat for a delicate balance for the medical canada's dispensaries. that is my roll call introduction -- for the medical cannabis dispensaries. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor daly.
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supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor alioto-pier: sexual assault and rape cases must be a priority in san francisco, in the current situation is inaccurate. -- and the current situation is inaccurate korea, while i command chief -- is an accurate. while i commend chief gascon and mr. hammer, i have the following recommendations to establish a timeline for testing dna evidence based on best practices, which we also do not denote -- do not do. coordination between providers requires the police department to report on testing in
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prosecution rates before the board of supervisors, and a look forward to working with all the stakeholders to see this through as soon as possible. i also wanted to vote make it aware of the amendments in my legislation -- i also wanted to make aware of the amendments in my legislation. this is set for land use next week, and i wanted to make sure that these amendments were available prior to the hearing. colleagues, i would like to close the meeting today in honor of an attorney whose work transformed not only the physical look of san francisco but also the political and cultural heritage. his influence stretched far beyond the legal world. from 1964 to 1980, he pressed against apartheid in south africa and upheld the right of a
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communist professor to teach at ucla. during more than 55 years at the law firm, he and his partners did a lot of work, including on mission bay. he was born in san francisco in 1922. he received his undergraduate degree from uc berkeley and his law degree from yale. in the early 1950's, he worked as an attorney general -- he worked for an attorney general. in the late 1960's, he was one of the men who got together with my grandfather and convinced him to run for mayor back in 1968. he was also one of dianne feinstein's advisers, and he
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served for 16 years. the boarding area at the terminal is slated to be renamed in his honor. he is survived by his wife, a sister, his daughter, his son, and four grandchildren. a memorial service will be held on october 18 in san francisco, and i would like to extend i think it would be nice if we could send it from the entire building. clerk calvillo: thank you supervisor alioto-pier.
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supervisor? supervisor: there were a lot of rock bands, and that was very interesting. he talked about his early career, having rock bands coming to see him and how much fun and enjoyment he had. also, in particular his work as a region. also, i would like to have this closed in honor of one sergeant, the nephew of one of the wonderful people who gives tours around city hall.
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he lost his life in afghanistan in will be greatly missed. also, haute fred passed away on september 9. -- also, fred pastoring on september 9. he was born in 1933 and at the age of 14, he attended and graduated from a high school, where he played on the soccer team. they settled in san francisco, where they raised their family and operated a grocery stores for decades. he committed himself to serving the african-american community and was a devoted follower of a christian faith and helped to establish the st. george
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orthodox church in san francisco. he coached adult soccer, and his passion for soccer was passed on to his children and returned to their children. he will be deeply missed by his friends and family, who he touched. he will be missed, and i have other items to submit. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor dufty. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: can we do that on behalf of the whole board? president chiu: yes. supervisor mirkarimi: making it easy for the general public
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throughout the city and county of san francisco. things have changed, and so have our city codes, which of fallen behind the times. using the internet, access has been expanded greatly. however, when it comes to official notices, the city continues to focus on a pre- internet model, where notices are in tiny print out the back of the newspapers and are standard. -- in the back of newspapers. the city process of publishing public notices. there is the public's ability it to find these notices on the website. we had advanced to something on to the ballot and passed. this means towards a two-year budget process, and also changes
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the definition of notice and published, to remove the requirement that notice is published in an additional newspaper. the definitions were to be defined by an ordinance. that never happened. what this does is define published as posting on the city government website, posting on the appropriate department to website in the main branch of the library, which does not disturb other requirements, it just the opposite. it actually adds to our obligation in noticing throw every aspect with meetings need to be noticed. -- needing to be noticed. vizquel quote-unquote official notices -- this will require a
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prominent official notices link on their respective home pages. this directs they clerk of the court to work to develop uniform procedures for this modernized noticing policy. i want to thank madam clerk enter office for their significant contribution to the development of this ordinance, and many labor did leaders -- many neighborhood leaders. -- i want to thank madam clerk and her entire office. i had hoped to have introduced this legislation coincidentally and maybe ironically on september 7, but our meeting was cancelled. the september 7 meeting would have not been canceled. we had to cancel the board meeting because a failure to
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publish the tiny print notice in the back of the newspaper, which underscored the need for modernizing. there are notices which states, quote, "if you read this notice, please call the following number," and maybe, madam clerk, you can opine. how many phone calls have you received? clerk calvillo: to date, we have received one phone call, which asked that we put our notices up on our website. supervisor mirkarimi so i would say that the time is long overdue for us to upgrade the way the korea inform the public -- the way we inform the public. the frustration is now part of yesteryear. the next, i am submitting a request for legislation
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following from a story that took place this past saturday regard the san francisco arboretum, the rescue plan not having met its goal yet. the fee strategy for the arboretum as well as other fees strategies that the city administration are contemplating, i would like to have an industry request to allow park visitors to pay one fee for entrance into some areas, maybe a two-three days passed or good for the week is so people can get there on public transportation. -- maybe a two-day pass. limiting the amount a nonprofit can make from collecting fees. with approval of all contracts, to come to the board under charter, and this would also
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require compliance with jobs now in similar work training programs. the rest i will submit. thank you. clerk calvillo: they q, supervisor mirkarimi. mr. president, that includes the roll call introductions. president chiu: ok, we can go to the next item. clerk calvillo: this is public comment for items that are of interest to the public better with in the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, including items being considered today which of not been considered by a board committee and excluding those items which a big considered by a board committee. members of the public to want to adopt -- want a dog to a place on the overhead for dysplasia clearly states such and subsequently remove the document when they want the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: first speaker,
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please. >> in san francisco. [speaking foreign language]
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dr. james, he followed my illness. my life and others. in my home. not only did she give me her time, but she always will be up to give me my medicine. -- she always woke me up.
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if you have a friend or relative who survives with a heart problem, which is a very serious illness in this country, this lovely, lovely doctor. also, i have the phone number. please, when you see me, and you see this name, and you have one of your relatives, and you want to save his life, contact one of these people, and i believe they will save his life as they saved my life. i am still alive under two conditions. .your support and my god blessings.
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thank you very much for all of you. i hope to tell you that i will make something in my country. the ambassador and the consulate note to make my dream come true. saving a life is not easy. but this is in your hands. [bell] i wish to get your support. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you, next person. >> would it help if the sunshine ordinance was read? do not give money to the foundation, do not accept money from the foundation. when you look at how much philanthropy contributes, we also have to remind ourselves of the damage of the responsibility and accountability has cost, a
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cascade of scams and scandals in the san francisco public library. just as examples, there was the private space rental business scandal, another fund scandal, 1000 public records violated. the san francisco bar association once said that the san francisco public library is like the nixon white house. all of those scandals have been limited to situations where responsibility takes a back seat to raising private money. any respect for public benefit is now unquestioned. not only do the philanthropists have any agreement to the city because they would not answer questions about their finances by the board of supervisors, but there are revenue bonds so that
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the institution has no accountability for its performance. they are not required to justify it philanthropy, because the reason for philanthropy is to maintain their privileges of class and the barriers to democracy in and of itself. they advertise the money, but the money on the benefits themselves. like other institutions in our society, making embarrassing disclosures. you have guaranteed that all values of public responsibility are meaningless in this dry for private money. -- drive for private money. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president and supervisors. i sure would like to ♪ take the budget home tonight cannot get any rest until i take
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the budget home i get no rest until i see the light just like ronnie said, just like ronnie said ♪ >> baby, my darling ♪ >> ♪ be my budget darling bring it back again is it just like ronnie said? take the budget home tonight i cannot rest until i see the city light take the budget home tonight or is it just like ronnie said?
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are you just like ronnie said? like walking in the rain. bring it back again we surely see the light make the city budget turn out right oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ and i cannot wait until i see the city budget city light take it home to nine -- tonight are you just like ronnie said? are you just like ronnie said? be my budget baby ♪ [bell] president chiu: thank you.
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next. >> i was beaten by criminals. today, nobody wants to investigate it. nobody wants to take my complete although that violates state law. we're talking about the police department, the sheriff's department, the commonwealth attorney's office, and others. your culpability rests in protecting these criminals. it was denied in two days without contacting any of the witnesses. the office of citizen complaints also say the police can just do that, and that is ok, and, once again, concluded their investigation without contacting any of the witnesses. i would really like to understand how this totally new class of citizens -- their duty is to enforce the law. since 1856, the united states supreme court has said they are
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under no obligation to protect us. i really, really, really would like to see some accountability for these criminals. i deserve accountability. when my request was denied by the city, i sent a request under the sunshine ordinance. having it within two days without contacting any of the witnesses. i still have not been contacted, which violates the sunshine ordinance. there are a great number of issues. i thank you for your time and would be very interested in holding these criminals accountable. think you. -- thank you.
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commissioner chiu: thank